Personal Training

Our experienced Personal Trainers are on-hand to offer additional help and advice, where it’s needed. With varied training backgrounds, we have the right PT to suit your goals.

All PT is handled in-house, ensuring that you get the best advice from the most-suitable person. Not a salesman! It also means you have the convenience of paying by card.

A single PT session is £40 for 1 hour. A bulk of 10 sessions can be purchased for £300 upfront (£30 per session).

Our preference is our READY > STEADY > GO Package….4 sessions at £140 upfront. The purpose of the 4 sessions is to impart all of the required information and instruction over 4 sessions. The first, a consultation, to find out all about you and your goals. We follow this up with a 4-6 week workout plan and 3 sessions that take you through that plan, ensuring you have a structured plan and are competent and confident in the exercises given. Then, you’re on your way with a map to success! And, remember, the gym is always staffed, should you have any query along the way. This plan is designed to be self-empowering and offers great value-for-money.

Following the 4-6 week READY > STEADY > GO Package term, we recommend following up for a couple more PT sessions and a new 4-6 week plan. This allows you to reassess and continue your progression, as well as adding more exercises to your gym arsenal.

For your convenience (& pocket), we also offer Small Group Training.

If you are interested in Personal Training, please just ask at Reception. There is no obligation, and we are here to help!


We have a Treatment Room in-house, also.

Our resident Sports Therapist is Dave (Pricey’s Therapy). You’ll recognise Dave from the gym floor, as he takes some of our classes and man’s the gym on occasion, too.

You’ll find Dave welcoming and very good with his hands, if you get what I mean 😉

The benefit of having the Treatment Room in-house is convenience, for you, and the ability to provide a better service; it’s incredibly useful for Dave to show you suitable exercises and exercise corrections on the gym floor. In our experience, this is something difficult to do in a typical Physio and Therapy environment. For your benefit, Dave works hand-in-hand with the rest of the Team, ensuring we can further assist with any recovery and rehabilitation needs.

We’re hoping to have Dr. Jack (Chiropractor) join us in 2018.